Don’t let your lack of insurance prevent from getting help today!  Our qualified staff will assist you in obtaining Medi-Cal to cover your treatment, your admission to our program will not be delayed while waiting for approval for Medi-cal. 



Pharmacotherapy with methadone: 

 Methadone is a synthetic opioid used to treat individuals suffering from opioid addiction in a safe and controlled manner.  Methadone controls withdrawal symptoms and prevents opioid abuse. Patients in the Medication Assistance Program receive a blocking dose of the synthetic opioid which reduces cravings from heroin.

Methadone Maintenance:

Methadone maintenance treatment is the use of methadone administered over a prolonged period of time, as treatment for someone who is addicted to opioids such as heroin, where detoxification has been unsuccessful and/or admittance to a substance abuse treatment facility requires complete abstinence. "Methadone maintenance makes possible a first step toward social rehabilitation" because it allows addicts to avoid the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that result from complete abstinence.

 Methadone Detox Therapy 

ALT recovery group offer short term 21 day detox and long term detox of 6 months.  

Individual and Group Counseling

ALT Recovery Group offers a full scope of services to individuals who want to live productive lives free from opioid dependency. Counseling sessions are conducted by addiction specialists who are trained in relapse prevention, vocational and education development. Specifically, the program is focused on long term sobriety and develops parenting skills, anger management techniques, domestic, and violence prevention. 

Medical Evaluation

ALT Recovery Group takes into consideration that your medical health may have been neglected for some time and a healthy way of living also includes a full medical evaluation.  We offer referrals and assistance with medical care, Infectious disease, dental referrals as well as Mental Health.  

-Referrals (vocational, educational, mental health, rehabilitation)